Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Hardtail mountain bikes refers to a style of mountain bike that lacks suspension, or shock absorption, on the rear stem of the bike. Instead of rear suspension, all of a hardtail mountain bikes suspension is focused on the fork of the bike. Downhill mountain bikers will usually prefer a mountain bike with dual suspension - that is, a frame with suspension focused around both the front fork and the rear stem for the most shock absorbtion possible - but there are downhill mountain bikers who prefer to use a hardtail mountain bike. Hardtail mountain bikes are also used for bike stunts and tricks. Different styles of bikes - BMX bikes and dirt bikes, for example - will be refered to as hardtail models because they sometimes lack the rear suspension of a hardtail model. Hardtail mountain bike frames are made from durable, absorptive materials that fit the level of mechanical stress placed on the bike from tehinical jumps, turns, and tricks.

If you don't mind a jolty, challenging ride, then opting for a hardtale downhill mountain bike frame is a good way to challenge yourself physically as well as purchase a downhill mountain bike on a budget. If, however, you wish you wish to protect your more vulnerable areas, a hardtail mountain bike is perhaps not the best option for you in your search for a downhill mountain bike.