Downhill Mountain Bike Helmets

A helmet is THE most important thing to wear when riding any bike, especially a downhill mountain bike. Downhill mountain biking is an exhilarating, yet dangerous, sport - cuts, bruises, and flying off one's bike are not uncommon occurrences. A helmet is the only way to protect against severe head trauma should a downhill mountain bike collision or accident occur.

There are two helmet options available to downhill mountain bikers. The traditional chin-strap biking helmet is an excellent way to provide safety and coverage to the head while biking. If thrown from the bike durin g adangerous descent, this helmet - manufactured by companies such as Bell, Giro, and Trek - will cushion the head and protect against severe cranial trauma.

For more complete head AND face coverage, downhill mountain bikers also have the option of doning a full-head helmet, similar to ones worn by motorcyclists. A full-head helmet protects the entire head, as well as most of the face, so that if a head-first colliosion with the ground does happen, facial abrasions, bruises, and breaks are protected against.

No matter what helmet you opt for when outfitting yourself for a downhill mountian bike ride, make sure that your helmet ventilates well,and is lightweight enough so as not to tir eout your head or your neck! A bike helmet will make you sweat regardless of the matreials it is made with, which is why you want to pay extra attention to the ventilation it offers. A little sweat in exchange for protection against brain damage and death is a pretty sound deal!