Downhill Mountain Bike Gloves

Hands are bound to get sweaty and slippery, or just plain tired from overgripping the handlebars during hairy, dangerous descents. Downhill mountain bike gloves are thus an important element to a safe and comfortable ride. Downhill mountan bike gloves will usually cover the whole finger, rather than the partial finger coverage offered by more standard road bike glove designs. They should be padded - on both sides - to protect the hand from abrasions and scrapes and also from hard bumps and unexpected shocks. Padding also plays an essential role - providing grip and traction on the handlebars. Hands get sweaty, or wet from rain and snow. Poor traction on the handlebars can lead to slippage - and loosing one's grip on their mountain bike handles, especially when flying downhill at teeth-grinding speeds, can result in severe injury, even death. Gloves also keep hands warm during the winter months, protecting against frost bite. A pair of gloves is a worthwhile investment to make when outfitting yourself for a successful and safe downhill mountain bike ride.