American Downhill Mountain Bikes

A vast number of American bicycle copmanies offer downhill mountain bikes of all different styles and prices. Here's a list of some of the better-known, higher quality downhil mountain bike manufacturors:


Trek downhill mountain bikes are some of the highest quality bicycles on teh market. Trek gained popularity seven years ago when it was chosen as the company to outfit the USPS Cycling team for the Tour de France - the first Tour won by Lance Armstrong. Trek has since become a bicycling behemoth, producing superior road and downhill mountain bikes in their factory in Wisconcin. Some benefits to purchasing a Trek downhill mountain bike are the quality inherent in Trek craftsmanship. Also, Trek mountain bikes are all made in America - nothing like putting your money back into the American economy! Trek also offers a broad range of mountain bike styles and sizes - and prices, though upscale models can be very pricey - to fit even the most finisky, akwardly proportioned cyclist. Trek mountain bikes are relatively easy to find, too, as any bike shop will cary at least a few models of Trek mountain bikes.


Another American company, Cannondale is famous for their omuntain bike quality and design. In 2005, their "Jekyll" mountain bike won the USA's AND Europe's "Bike of the Year" award for its versatility, craftsmanship, and low maintenance. Cannondale has traditionally offered a tube width (tubes are the compnents that are soldered togethre to construct the frame of the bike) that appears wider than other downhill mountain bikes - this larger width, though, ads stability and durability to the bike without weighing it down. Manufactured in Pennsylvania, Cannondala gain offers a true American downhill mountain bike, one of the most innovative, high quality mountain bikes available today.


Giant mountain bikes have been gaining market speed and notoriety, as the moutnain bike designs put out by this company have improved year after year. Now, Giant bikes rest close to the top of the downhll mountain bike kingdom, both in quality and price. What is great about a Giant mountain bike is that yuo can buy one for $3000, and find another for under $500. Giant ensures quailty bicycles for people of all economic means, but doesn't compromise the quality of their components for a price reduction. Sponsoring downhill mountain bike teams in both America and Europe, Giant is surely a brand that will satisfy even the most avid downhil mountain biker.


Mongoose mountain bikes are an optimal choice for families who want to indulge in the exploration of the outdoors, but must do so on a budget. Found at many large bicycle retailers, including Wal-Mart, Mongoose offers dual suspension, standard build downhill mountain bikes for all sizes and prices. Many people who have purchased Mongoose mountain bikes, such as their DXR dual suspension model, have reported that the components and frame were a creaming deal, as they paied $100 for the bike and went upwards of 1700 miles without ANY mechanical difficulties! Mongoose is a good brand to invest in when looking to get a first mountain bike for a young child.


Kona mountain bikes have been cornerstones of downhill mountain bike raceing and competition for years. Tiwse in recent years has Kona been the bike to win the World Downhill Cup. Kona mountain bikes are well worthy of the steep price they sell for, as they are durable, exhibit expert craftsmanship, and are some of the coolest-looking, most reliable downhill mountain bikes on the market today. Flying down a mountain bike trail on a Kona mountain bike is surely going to deliver a priceless rush!


What better way to purchase a mountain bike than to buy it from teh company that began it all? Gary Fisher isn't just a catchy name - he's a real person, a person who began mountain biking in California decades ago and was tired of his road bike getting broken and beaten up on his downhill trails. His solution was to get together with fellow downhill mountainbiking friends and redesign the concept of a bike - thus beginning the history of the downhill mountain bike. Gary Fisher mountain bikes are some of the best, top-of-the-line downhill mountain bikes out there. For a company that has been producing quailty mountain bikes for so long, many of the kinks and design flaws of more recent, younger manufacturers are bound to be worked out of the Gary Fisher models. To invest in a Gary Fisher downhill mountain bike is to invest in both the best quality the market has to offer, as well as in the history of the sport of mountain biking.

Hundreds of other bike companies offer downhill mountain bikes of varying price and quality. Get out to your local bike shop today and start looking at what's available!