Downhill Mountain Bike Trail Safety Tips

It is impossible not to have fun while moutnain biking, but it is always necessary to exercise precaution and to be aware of your surroundings, as other downhill mountain bikers could be just around the bend. Avoid collisions by slowing down at the corners of a trail. Don't bite off more than you can chew when you pick a trail, either - it is very easy to sustain serious, life-threatening injuries on a downhill mountain bike trail if you don't know what you are doing.

It goes without saying that a mountain bike helmet must always be worn when going on a downhill mountain bike trail. You never know when you are going to fall, skid, or slide out - you need to be prepared for every possible accident that could occur. A mountain bike helmet is the only way to safeguard against severe head trauma and brain damage.

Wearing the proper clothing, too, is an essential safety precaution to take when gonigon a downhill mountain bike ride. You bought all that fancy gear - now's the time to use it! Nothing will give you hypothermia faster than being caught out in a rainstorm without the proper protective gear.

Covering your arms and legs adequately not only protects against sunburn, but it gives yuo an extra level of protection against road burn, too. Falling off a downhill mountain bike at high speeds on a mountain bike trail can leave some nasty scrapes and contusions. It's important to protect against these by covering your arms, hands, and other sensitive spots on your body to ensure minimum damage if a fall does happen.

Remember - always wear sunscreen.

You can also wreck your downhill mountain bike if you attempt a turn or a trick too quickly. Remember that you are riding on an expensive piece of mountain bike equipment! Don't do anything too rash that you can't afford to have fixed, like shattering your moutnain bike fork or denting your mountain bike's rims. It can be fun to emulate pictures and videos of mountain bike athletes you have seen, but don't be stupid - if you are not a trained professional, there's no need to pretend like you are.