Trails in cities can be hard to come by, but not as hard as you think! Checking in with the department of education or the department of parks and recreation will inform you as to wherein your city mountain biking trails can be found. Sometimes, it is more fun to ride your downhill mountain bike around the city, using curbs and other roadside obstacles as platforms for jumps, and big hills for descents! Cities with proximity to state parks will have more downhill mountain bike trail options - rides may be a few minutes or a few hours away, depending on what city you are living in. Portland, Oregon, for example, has a huge inner-city park that offers mountain biking trails. New York City has Central Park, offering both road and mountain biking trails. Mountain bike trails are everywhere - you just need to look!

Some cities within close proximity of some of the world's best downhill mountain nbiking trails are Lake Placid, NY; Salt Lake City, UT; San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Tacoma, WA; Whitefish, MT; Billigns, MT; Phoenix, AZ; Prescott, AZ; Fort Bragg, CA; Boulder, CO; Aspen, CO; Denver, CO; and Asheville, NC. For information about these cities and others, head to the city's webpages, or do some reasearch about state and national parks within proximity to these cities.